Sunday, September 6, 2009

What to do when your sewing machine breaks down

Wow, been pretty busy getting my craft room organized. Since my sewing machine is missing a part *looks suspiciously at the toddler* and I can't do any fabric crafts, I've decided to clean up and organize my craft room.
I brought down a TON of things to work on from my mom's, so that stuff has to go someplace. I have totes all over my room needing to be unpacked.
First, I moved out a tiny shelving unit my daughter (EJ) had in my craft room. She's sharing this room for her art, but since her table is cluttered beyond hope, she just creates her beaded artwork in her room while she toodles around on the net.
Second, I moved one of our collection of bookcases from the pole barn to the room. These bookcases were bought from our local 2-year college's rummage sale. They were getting rid of some of their older items and we snatched up about 5 mongo-sized bookcases. I had to clean it up and decided to repaint it since it was part wood and part metal, all of which were painted and stained brown. I just have too much brown in my house so painted the wood portions baby blue (leftover from painting the baby's furniture) and left the metal shelves brown. It's not too fancy, but it works. Now I am currently gathering up all my cookbooks and crafting magazines to put in there. I think I may have undermined my storage capabilities by putting my mags in there because I have a TON of them and the bookcase is quickly filling up.
Third, I moved a small bookcase from our upstairs schoolroom and put it on top of another small bookcase in the craft room so that I have a taller set of shelves there now. I think I will have my DH (BJ) stabilize them to the wall to prevent mishaps. Now, into the space where the smaller bookcase was in the schoolroom goes a tall, narrower bookcase from BJ's office. This will hold the schoolbooks for this schoolyear. So, the only questions left are what will BJ do with that extra space and how quickly will I fill up my new bookcases?
It looks better in the craft room, but there's still a long way to go. I hate unpacking!!

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