Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New link, check it out!!

I'm feeling yellow today, full of hope!!  I've added a link to PlanetJune's amigurumi website, which is listed over to the right.  You HAVE to check it out.  In it she has a tute for making the "magic ring".  I shall never go back to the ch6, sc in 2nd stitch from hook method again!  This makes so much more sense, and it looks better.  How many times have you had a slipper, that someone's crocheted for you, where one of your toes pops out of the little hole at the tip of it?  Well, with the magic ring, there's no hole!  She also shows you how to do the invisible decrease method.  I'm going to be making my first amigurumi from her site after I've found something that doesn't look too complicated.  Once I get my camera operational, I'll post the end product here.

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