Monday, May 30, 2011

Alas...Blogger issues

I was showing off my blog to my mom and noticed that my Wistlist is missing! I know bloger's have been missing their comments, too. What is going on with Blogger?? One thing I have learned from this, however, is to BACKUP my blog! I guess I didn't even SEE that option when I was designing everything, sadly. I hope this gets fixed soon, but at least it's only the Wistlist and not something super important. It's just the perfectionist in me that is worrying, I suppose.

On another note, last week I decided to sort my collection of buttons by color and display them. I had been storing them in old tins, but I thought seeing them in clear jars would look lovely, instead of stored away where I can't see them. Also, it's more practical for me. If I'm sewing and need a button, I usually end up digging through all the tins to find the perfect one, then again and again, if I need more. So, this will help speed it up by letting me at least just have one color to look through. I'll still have the therapeutic benefits of sifting my fingers through all the lovely buttons I own, but it will just be quicker!

So, I decopaged a label onto a jar of one of them to see how it will look. I think the label is too large for the jar, but the jar had a length of glue along it that I just couldn't get off and I wanted to cover it up, so it's ok to me. Here it is! I think I'll glitter the edges some day.

I had trouble using my cel phone camera. No matter how still I was, or how long I held my breath, everything was just a little blurry. So, now I found our old digital camera, got new batteries and away I went. However, I can't remember how to stop the flash from being used. Sometimes the flash really washes out the photo, did you notice? Well, I'll figure it out eventually and in the meantime, I'll try to post unglaring photos!

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