Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Great Gummi Rally!

Ahh, to be young again!  To have so much energy, so much....creativity!  My 5-year old and I were sitting at the kitchen table together.  He was playing with some cars and eating gummi bears while I was drilling out rivets from door handle displays (I'll tell you about that a little bit later in this post).

My son asked me at least 3 times for more gummies, within a span of minutes, before I realized it, and so I asked what on Earth was he doing with all of them?  I looked over and saw this:

Now, he has, at the least, a hundred of these cars, with about 25% of them being trucks or jeeps, or some sort of vehicle that can carry objects, and he had filled almost all of them with gummi bears.  They were too cute, I just had to take a picture of them!

As I mentioned, I was drilling out rivets.  I had gone to a rummage sale near my home and this lady's brother-in-law was selling a TON of these display cards with dresser/drawer hardware riveted onto them, for only .25 each!  I grabbed a bunch and spent only $5.00 on the whole pile.  Here's a sampling of what I got.

She said they were so cheap because there's only one of each item.  I don't mind, though, because I can use them when I repurpose dressers or desks.  There may be a need for only one handle, like some items only have one drawer.   And those hooks!  I can use those anywhere!  I even got some hinges and other boring hardware for my husband, Mr. Awesome.  I'm only half-way done with drilling them out, I think I dulled Mr. Awesome's drill bit.  It's kind of making a funny squeaky noise, and it's starting to take forever to get the job done.

I hope to get some of my furniture pieces painted soon and maybe use some of the little guys!

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